Calliou Anderson is the main protagonist of the TV series The Anderson Family and the movies and video games. He was born sometime in 1993 to Boris and Doris Anderson. He is best known for his major role in the TV show The Anderson Family and also in the spin-off show The Leo Martin Show as a supporting character. 


Age as of January 8st 2016.      23

Height. 6 feet 

Weight. 9 stone

Religion.  Christian

Demonym.  Canadian 

Relationships.  Rebecca Martin.  2009-present 

Family.  Rosie-sister  Doris-mother. Boris-father. Madeline-grandmother. Carl-grandfather 

Friends. Leo-best friend. Clementine. Sarah. Andre. Jason. Jeffrey. Robbie. Emma. Xavier. 

Education.  Pine Preschool 1995-1996. Baldwin Town Elementary School 1996-2004. Toronto Centre Middle School 2004-2007. Toronto And Southern Canada High School 2007-2011. Toronto College 2011-2013. 

Work. Chuck E Cheese Manager. 2013-Present  

Caillou Anderson

Autobiography: Early Life And Education

Calliou Boris Anderson was born in January 8, 1993 to parents Boris and Doris Anderson. He is the first child out of the children. When Calliou was 2 in 1995, he showed great interest in the world around him. He went to preschool a year later in 1996 the same year his sister Rosie was born. He made friends including Leo Martin who bullied him but on the same day they became friends. Leo has been his best friend ever since. His other friends include Clementine, Sarah, Xavier, Robbie, Jason and Jeffrey the twins. His preschool teacher is Miss Anne Martin who also taught his mum and dad a long time ago. On his first day he was nervous but he was excited later that day. He quickly attached to the world around him during the year. In the summer of 1996, Calliou was upset because he was not seeing his teacher Miss Anne Martin anymore. Boris solved the problem by meeting up with Miss Martin every couple of months. Eventually Calliou went to Baldwin Town Elementary for 8 years. He joined his friends from preschool and his lessons for the 1st grade included Maths, English, science history and PE. At the end of the 1st grade he passed his exam and his parents took him to Chuck E Cheese as a reward. He started 2nd grade in 1997. He learnt more complex subjects in the same lessons as above including place value and more complex numbers to 1000 in Maths.