Miss. martin
Miss Anne Martin better known as Miss Martin is Calliou's Preschool teacher and Leo's mum. She worked in preschool since 1975. She has worked there for 41 years. She is good friends with Calliou's parents since Calliou was upset about not seeing her anymore. They frequently meet up every week. Since 2006, Miss Martin is friends with Calliou on Facebook and her other students as well. She has 60 friends on Facebook and Miss Martin is strict about the rules. She has two children named Leo and Rebecca. Leo is Calliou's best friend and the two have been best friends since 1996. Rebecca is Calliou's girlfriend when Calliou was 17. The two have been in a relationship for 6 years since 2009. Miss Martin is also good friends with the high school head at Toronto High School Mr Farrell. 


Miscellaneous Stuff 

Favourite subject. English  

Favourite student. Calliou and Leo