Rebecca Annie Martin is the daughter of Miss Anne Martin, Calliou's teacher. She was born in 1991, two years older than Calliou. She was born in Toronto, Canada and attended three schools and college. She eventually went to university. When she was admitted to South Canada University Toronto Campus at the age of 21, she had a crush on Calliou and later her future boyfriend. Her mother is a preschool teacher and she is an only child. 


Age as of January 2016.   25

Height.   5,8 feet 

Weight.   7.5 stone

Religion.  None

Demonym.   Canadian 

Relationships.   Calliou Anderson. 2009-present

Family.  Anne Martin-mother

Friends.  Graham. Nicky. Alex. Ellie. Alex Kimble 

Education.   1994-2014 

Rebecca currently lives in North York, a suburb of Toronto. She lives on 12 Woodleigh Street and spends her everyday life with her dog Buster, a poodle. She has a relationship with Calliou Anderson who lives 3 miles down the road. Her best friend Graham Smith said that Calliou is a man worth liking. Her mother lives in an unnamed suburb near Pine Street, Toronto. Her father Mr Ben Martin died of cancer at the age of 28 when Rebecca was 3 years old. She is raised by her mother. Rebecca's hobbies include knitting, cheerleading, soccer and basketball.