Robert Jeff Owen is a man in his early twenties living in Toronto. He was born in Toronto and attended Southern Ontario College for two years. There he became friends with Calliou and Leo. 


Age as of January 1st 2016.   19

Year born.   1997

Place Of Birth.   Toronto, Canada

Demonym.   Canadian

Parents.  Julie Owen.   Mother

                Mike Owen   Father

Early Life 

Robert Owen was born in 1997 to Julie and Mike in Toronto. He went to Little Acres preschool from 2000-2001, Hamilton Elementary from 2001-2008, Hamilton Middle School from 2008-2011, Toronto City High School from 2011-2015 and he currently attends South Ontario College Toronto Campus. He is in his final year of education as of September 2016. He is currently studying Design And Technology at the college on a two year course. He also met Calliou Anderson and Leo Martin at the college and became good friends with them. 


Robert is interested in soccer, going to the pub and playing on the computer. He is a fan of English soccer club Chelsea and he supports the Canadian National Soccer Team. He does five a side football once a week at the Rogers Centre. He plays as a midfielder for the Toronto Tigers.

Soccer Five A Side Career.                              Apperances.  

Toronto Little League Tigers. 2004-2009.      170.                  

Toronto Youth League Tigers. 2009-2015.     204

Toronto Tigers Five A Side.  2015-Present.     39

Total Appearances.                                              413

Robert has made a record 374 appearances for a midfielder in his youth from 7 to 17. He now plays for the adult league side Toronto Tigers and made 39 appearances as of September 2016.