Toronto Theft Auto is an open world action adventure videogame based in Toronto and nearby Go Animate City. The player controls Robert Jeffreys, best known as the Doorman from Curious George. In this story he tries to stop illegal immigrants from deforming the city and attempting to cause terror for the future. He climbs up the crime ridden ladder and he deals with drug dealers, mobs, gangs and cliques. The game is rated Restricted which means 18+ adults only for extreme violence, adult language, sex scenes, adult themes, discrimination and references to rape and torture. Calliou and his mates play the game on the Xbox One. 


The game begins with the Doorman Robert Jeffreys moving to Toronto to live a peaceful life from the non stop crimes of New York. Just as he settles in being a single man, burglars break in his house and threaten to torture him by asking if he had a girlfriend. He denies and as the burglars attempt to break his penis off, the police arrive beating them up. The Doorman and Hundley the dachshund dog run off to try and stop the never ending crimes. 

Elsewhere in Go Animate City, The Man With The Yellow Hat better known as Ted Shackleford is taking a vacation in the city when he hears his best friend the Doorman in trouble. He goes to help but on the way a drug dealing gang rape him for having a monkey named George as his sidekick. The men kill George by shooting him and hanging him on North York cross and the man is so furious that he beats them up to death with a machete and baseball bat. After these events, Ted is depressed. He almost shoots himself but the cops help him catch the dealers.

Back in Toronto, Robert hears Ted's call and he travels to Go Animate City with Hundley. When he gets to the city, he is shocked to see George on a cross hanging like a toy. He is upset as well. The next day they have a funeral for George. But the funeral is stopped by terrorists who attempt to kill the duo and Hundley. The duo seek revenge and after an intense brawl Ted is kidnapped. Robert and Hundley head back to Toronto to rescue Ted from the terrorists. 

They arrive back in Toronto only to discover the CN Tower and station blown up. Robert and Hundley sneak in the tower and they find Ted and the terrorists on top of the tower. Ted is tortured by the terrorists as Robert attempts to rescue him. The terrorists interrogate Robert and he is forced to see Ted or Hundley die. He denies and he wants Ted and Hundley both alive. The terrorists knock Robert out and shoots Hundley killing him. Ted struggles to escape but then the mounties arrive killing the terrorists and rescuing the man. 

The next day Robert wakes up and he is devastated when Ted tells him that Hundley is dead. Robert says he will move on and he will never forget Hundley. He says farewell to him heartbroken and in tears and Ted comforts him giving him a hug. At the end of the game a teenager says that's gay. Eventually Robert chooses to be gay and Ted gives him a gay kiss. Robert and Ted are gay. The game ends with the Doorman and the man in the yellow hat holding hands as Gay and We will never forget George and Hundley written on the screen.


Robert Jeffreys: The Doorman.  The main protagonist of the game.

Ted Shackleford: The Man In The Yellow Hat: A secondary protagonist of the game.

George The Monkey.  A minor character and the man's best friend before being shot and hung by drug dealers.

Hundley The Dachshund Dog.  A sidekick of the Doorman for most of the game before being beaten and shot dead by terrorists.

Eddie's Terrorists.  The main antagonists of the game.

Drug Dealer Gang.   The secondary antagonists of the game.

Parents Guide

Sex And Nudity. 2/10. Robert and Ted are gay which means same sex love and men having sexual feelings for men. They kiss, hold hands and they hug.

Violence And Gore  10/10. Extremely violent game. There are shootings, stabbings, explosions, torture scenes and scenes of rape as well. Burglars break in and the mounties smash them to death. Not that gory but there is blood on their faces. George the monkey dies by drug dealers shooting him and hanging him. We see a hole in his head. His brain falls out on the pavement. Extremely disturbing and quite sickening go watch. Terrorists attack a funeral killing many others. The shootout is intense. When Ted is interrogated with a knife, we see a pinch of blood on his neck. When Robert is knocked out after the terrorist beating him up, we see a few cuts and bruises. Nothing serious. A few seconds later, they stab and shoot Hundley. Lots of blood pouring out of his body. The mounties slash the terrorists necks open. Lots of blood and at one point one mounties cut a man's penis off with a chainsaw then slicing his face open. The most sickening, shocking and disturbing scene ever. Warning some people might throw up and it is NOT for children or young gamers to see. 

Bad Language.  10/10.  Lots of swearing including 1000 uses of fuck, 166 uses of shit, 87 bastards, 60 bitches, 12 uses of cunt and only 6 uses of nigger. 

Adult Themes.  7/10. Quite a lot of drug dealing and smoking. Not much of drinking however.

Frightening/Intense Scenes.  9/10.  This game has heavy adult themes including death, rape, torture, discrimination, same sex couples and controversial scenes of violence. George's death is sad and at the very end of the game Hundley dies. This scene is the most upsetting especially for people who love dogs and animals. This game is not for children or teenagers to play because of it's controversial themes. 

Recommended age.  21+ for extreme violence, adult themes, non stop adult language, drug abuse and same sex themes.